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SkyPvP reopening

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SkyPvP is reopening!
We have added:
  • Seasons: We have reworked seasons, which now offer the participants, amazing rewards:
    • Season #1 Rewards:
      • #1 TopKills Spot: 15$ Store Voucher
      • #2 TopKills Spot: 10$ Store Voucher
      • #3 TopKills Spot: 5$ Store Voucher
A Season will last for 3 months (90 days).
(More information is coming soon: you'll be able to look at a GUI, in which you can view this seasons' Top 3 Players)

  • Custom Kits GUI: You can now select a kit you would like via a /kits GUI
  • New Ranks: We have completelly changed the Rank names, along with the permissions. New/reworked permissions can be viewed on, and will also be updated regularly according to Forum Suggestions.

Titan Rank Giveaway!

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Do you have any good suggestions for the server?
We will be listening to player suggestions and the best/most inovative suggestion will receive a reward.

The winner of this (best suggestion) will be receiving a Titan Rank.

Submit your idea to the Feedback and Suggestions forum.

RoyalEmpire Minecraft server network

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RoyalEmpire is a newly opened server which offers its players a whole new experience in Minecraft. The server originates from Slovenia and used to be a large MC server.
We currently offer our players 2 gamemodes where they can test their skills, and building or farming experience. We also offer our contributors special ranks which give them shinny prefixes and cosmetics so that they stand out from the rest of the server. The ranks are based on in-game permissions instead of OP kits, giving everyone the same playing experience.

Survival (1.13.2)
Survival is a gamemode where the players can survive and farm in order to gain the spot on their leaderboard.


  • Custom Kits GUI
  • Custom Shop
  • Jobs
  • Chat Reactions
  • Seasons
  • Custom Hoppers
  • Cosmetics
SkyPvP (1.8)
SkyPvP is a gamemode in which players can test their pvp skills on floating islands, form alliances in order to get to the number one spot on the leaderboards!


  • Top Kills
  • ParkourChat Reactions
  • Cosmetics
  • Seasons

IP: /

Join today!

Grand opening!

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The time has come for RoyalEmpire to open!
After quite some time of development we are ready to launch RoyalEmpire. There's a whole new ranking system which includes new kits and permissions.

Currently opening with Survival:
A gamemode where you can build, farm, grind and in general survive. The survival gamemode will have season's to keep a better track of player stats, including awesome rewards after each season. You can join it on version 1.13.2 as we have decided to use the new Minecraft's aquatic update.

Opening soon with SkyPvP:
A gamemode where you can fight, make alliances and so much more. The SkyPvP gamemode can be played with the version 1.8 and above, and will also include season which will bring awesome rewards.

Come and join us today!

IP: /

Hello world

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The website is up and running.

Continue as usual.